Stewardship... Implement plans, coordinate and strengthen the quality of life of our members, by ministering to their spiritual, cultural, educational and economic needs. In a broader perspective, this ministry exists to embrace the kingdom of God on earth through our witness, work and the proclamation of the Word. To provide each member with an opportunity to serve and share their gifts, skills and talents to help build the church and develop successful and strong relationships within the body of Christ.

Hospital Visits... see that sick members and other individuals are visited both as clergy and laity. Thie ministry cares enough to take the time to make visits to dialogue, pray with and show individuals that God and the church care.

Nursing Homes...spread the Word so that those who are unsaved may be inspired to come to Jesus and those who have met Him will grow in their faith, through twice a month visits.

Jail Ministry... arranges for visits to the jails for worship services and programs such as Bible Study in Oakland and Wayne Counties.

Youth Ministry... a group of youth and adult leaders whose sole purpose is to learn, share the Word and to love the Lord. This ministry energizes equips and enables our youth to be the best that they can be and to glorify God in all that they do. The ministry trains young people to have the mind of Christ, to gain knowledge of the Word and to grow in the wisdom of the Lord. Grow with us!


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Our Christian Perspective

Did God Call You To Sit On The Bench?

By Brother James

I am blessed to know many very gifted and talented people. Some of these folks are gifted artistically, while others are gifted intellectually and even others are gifted athletically. Those that I know with the great ability to be a superior performer on some sports team all went out for a "starting" position on the team where their gift could best be utilized.

None of these gifted athletes to my knowledge went out for a specific team position just so they might just sit on the bench, satisfied just to be seen in their bright colored team uniform.

Now with that context in mind, why then does it appear that so many people who profess to be called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ seem ever so comfortable to sit in an elevated position in a pulpit controlled by someone whom God has called to be the under-shepherd of that given congregation? Certainly, one who is truly called should never assume that they are automatically qualified and therefore called to preach without being guided and taught by a true shepherd of God's people. But, and this is a big but, why after being ordained would one sit in a pulpit week after week waiting their turn to preach? Especially when their turn is determined by someone who again has the overall responsibility to lead the church where a minister is unable to frequently use his or her gifts of preaching the Lord's word? One might assume that the minister waiting his or her turn to preach does so because they are content to be seen and recognized as the student of pastor so and so just like the disciples were students and correspondingly under-studies of our Lord and Savior.

However, the day came when all the disciples were sent out on their own to teach and preach the gospel. Their title and role of a disciple and student was changed to that of an Apostle which means, "one sent forth!"

When we reflect upon God's word could we, or should we assume that each of the disciples who later became Apostles had equal gifts? There were only four Gospels written but there were twelve disciples. When we look at the epistles to the churches founded in the first century AD, only Paul, Peter, James and John wrote letters/epistles that were deemed worthy of insertion in the King James Bible. My point, simply put is that each of the disciples except Judas made major contributions to the building of the Christianity that exists to this very day. So, did the other disciples who became Apostles just sit idly by and let Peter, James John and Paul do all the teaching and preaching? Did these other Apostles just sit on the bench? No, they all went forth and at the cost of being martyred became preachers of the gospel. All one need do is consult a book such as the Encyclopedia of Biblical Characters and / or Men and Women of the Bible and we would easily see that the other disciples who did not contribute writings to the Bible all did their jobs of teaching and preaching the gospel with due diligence, as again they all lost their lives for carrying God's message throughout the then known world. They were not content to just sit on the bench or stand in the shadow of those whose words we read in the gospels, epistles and other books of the New Testament.

Does the perception that a pastor of a given church has greater gifts than those ministers he has taught and ordained indicate that they are to stay under his tutelage forever? Or, should the day come when like Jesus, in the sixteenth chapter of the Gospel of John told the disciples he was leaving them so they might carry out their assigned calling to preach the gospel? Should a pastor not tell and encourage his sons in the ministry to move on and start their own church?

I am reminded at this juncture of the details in I Corinthians 9:1-2 where Paul had to defend his God given authority to be called an Apostle; one who would teach and preach to the Gentiles. What did Paul do? Did he acquiesce? Did he just politely go and sit in the corner of the room where the other Apostles had gathered without any form of protest? Or, did he go and sit on the bench at the town square? No, he stood his ground and proved beyond a shadow of doubt that he was chosen by God to be the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Now, what about that young protégé of Paul's named Timothy who some refer to as a "Momma's boy" who followed Paul's explicit instructions to preach, and teach to the congregations in Ephesus even though he would have to overcome the obstacles of a young man leading the elders and being a stranger to that given community of churches. And yes, since we are on a roll right about now, what about that guy named Titus who Paul also mentored in an epistle and sent to the island of Crete where the indigenous population was known for their immorality, idolatry, and simply put their uncouth behavior?

My point is if one has truly been called to preach the gospel why would they not start a church in their own home just like the churches in the first century AD were established.

If that is not an option, why would they not go to every church in their local community asking the pastor of the churches to give them a chance to preach just to get some exposure? But unfortunately, too many ministers are content to simply be that, not a pastor or even an ordained minister. Yes, some folks would rather sit in the pulpit of another man or woman of God's and just be seen every Sunday for two hours in again, an elevated position where they do not assist the poor and down trodden of their communities by having a nursing home ministry or a jail ministry or a ministry or a feed the homeless or even preach at a homeless shelter ministry. . . I truly believe if one is called then God has a place for those he calls. We might find ourselves in situations like the Apostle Paul constantly having to prove ourselves to others who think their teaching and preaching skill sets are much superior to ours. Or maybe we may find ourselves in a situation like Timothy and have to prove to others who are much older than we are that we have a gift and anointing placed upon us by God to preach and teach moving beyond their constant criticism. And maybe we would have to gird our loins like Titus and go teach and preach in an environment where those we are trying to bring into the kingdom of God are idol worshippers of the gods of money, status, power, fame and fortune.

I am chronologically mature enough (this is my polite way of avoiding the use of the term old enough!) to remember the 50's TV show, "The Ernie Kovac Show". In one of his comedic routines there were two football players sitting on the end of the team bench with their bench warmer coats on. As the skit progresses several key players on the team were hit with severe injuries such as broken limbs. The coach would look down the bench and see these two players who had yet to enter the game but rather than send them into the game pleaded and cajoled the severely injured players to stay in the game so he, the coach would not have to make any substitutions. This went on for several minutes when a whistle blew indicating the two minute warning before the games end. When the two never used substitute players rose from the bench, and headed for the locker room it was readily apparent that they knew their services and skills would not be used in that or any other game because as they took off their bench warmer jackets they had dressy business attire underneath. They made comments about taking off their cleats and putting on their dress shoes and head for the nearest bar or nightclub to party.

I hope this illustration helps make my point that if you make it on God's team strive to be an active player and not a bench warmer. There is a virtual plethora, or cornucopia of bench warmers in the numerous houses of God in this country. The question or interrogatory that now remains to be asked is, are you a star performer or simply content to ride the bench on God's team at your chosen house of worship? Why don't we marinate on that question for a few minutes!

What would Jesus and the Apostles of the first century AD church do? Or better yet, what did they do? Hmm, if the word "Christian" means "Christ-like" what should we do?

Unpublished Materials Copyright © 2013 Henry James

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